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  • Armed Guards
  • Warehouse Logistics and Loss Prevention Services
  • VIP Protection
  • Special Events and Retail Security Services

Axon Security has a policy of equal opportunity for all our staff. We offer them professional respect and are constantly striving to ensure that our security officers are of the highest calibre and professionally trained in the execution of their duties at all times.


In the recruitment of our staff, before appointments are made, extensive background checks and interviewing processes are conducted. Once selected, all recruits are then subjected to an extensive induction and re-training program where they are assessed and evaluated. Only once they have fulfilled all our recruitment and training standards are they placed at our customers premises.


We specialise in Residential, Commercial and industrial Security services. We insist on regular communication and interactions with all our clients at all levels. This leads to strong partnerships, secure and safe environments. Axon’s Operational team meet regularly with our clients to ensure that our service delivery is of the highest standards at all times. We also inform our customers of the latest criminal trends within their areas.


Axon’s Logistics and Retail services offer our customers the best stock control, double checking and loss prevention solutions within their factories or businesses.