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Facility Management & Services -  Axon Security

The Axon Group always remained committed to its upliftment and empowerment initiatives but recently decided to enter into a new era in as far as their social responsibility was concerned.

We never believed that such initiatives should primarily focus on maximizing the financial benefits associated with Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment and subsequently aligned our new initiatives with our existing values by ensuring that :

  • Substance will always take preference over form; and
  • Our long term and committed employees be rewarded for their commitment to the Axon Group; and
  • The transfer of skills be guaranteed; and
  • Historical inequality be redressed at all costs.

We subsequently rejected the widely accepted notion to implement complicated share selling scheme’s, employee trusts or misleading internal outsourcing schemes, and instead, opted to add a brand-new stallion to the Axon Stable, Axon Africa !

Fifty one percent of the shareholding in Axon Africa was subsequently allocated to four of our most experienced and committed employees, thereby granting them the opportunity to directly participate and benefit from their commitment to the safety of our clients.

The administrative backbone, provided by the Axon Group, will further empowered these individuals to directly compete with well-established security firms by rendering security services of the highest standards.