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Diplomatic & Corporate Vehicle Escorting

The unit's purpose is to provide armed / unarmed vehicle escorts for our Diplomatic and high risk corporate clients,

Diplomatic Services

This unit provides protection services to Diplomatic buildings, compounds and residences, including guarding and armed patrols. These services are linked to our centralized control room with emergency backup in case of hi jackings, armed robberies, intimidation, medical rescue and extraction.

VIP Protection

This unit provides 24 hour Close Protection services to High Risk Diplomatic and Corporate clients. This includes travelling with the client outside Gauteng and South Africa if so required. These services are not just focused on the Principal but also his or her family.

Riot Deployments

This unit provides crowd control and riot deployments on short notice for mines, development companies, schools etc. during periods where stability is needed and the property or lives of clients are threatened. The members employed for these contracts are highly trained and comes with military and or specialized security training and experience.

Security & Tactical Training

Our training division provides training to our staff to ensure that we maintain a high level of excellence, comply to industry standards and tactical teams are ready for any eventuality that may occur.

Security for Special Events

This unit provides Security Risk Assessments before an event to ensure compliance to legislation and JOC requirements. This service includes the use of K9 units, Medical rescue services and on site ambulances, VIP escort services, emergency response and guarding.

Hi-Jacking Rescue

Hijackings have increased significantly over past few years. Axon group has a specialized team consisting of highly trained tactical personal as well as a highly trained tactical medic to assist victims, recover suspected stolen property and vehicles.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Axon group has a very healthy working relationship the South African Police Service and TRACKER SA to recover stolen or hijacked vehicles, Axon group have highly trained staff to assist and recover stolen vehicles timorously

K9 unit (Explosives and Narcotics)

Axon group has highly trained handlers and well as canines. We can assist in various situations where a canine is required.

Our Explosive dogs have the skills to detect all types of explosives. The Narcotic detection canines, are trained to detect all illegal substances. Some of our most popular clients are schools, conference centers and banquette halls.